Do Audience Polling in a SNAP!™ SNAP!™
It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

SNAP!™ version 2 with advanced features available now
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Advanced Product Features

ARS SNAP!™ now contains advanced features that make it perfect for use in a variety of popular audience response applications.

Gaming - Assign correct answers and weights to your polling questions, and use audience response in a quiz game format that includes scoring for both individuals and up to 10 teams. SNAP! can display cumulative scores by individual as well as by team, and can show the percentage of correct answers by team after each scored question.

Sub-Group Filtering - View live graphs and print reports filtered by the audience's response to selected polling questions.

Impromptu Polling - Collect and view response to extemporaneous questions that you present verbally during your presentation.

Comparative Graphing - View response to two questions simultaneously on the screen. Ideal for review of questions that are presented in a pre-test/post-test format.

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