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Quickstart Guide

You will install SNAP Hardware and Software independently of each other. Regardless of which you install first, both will need to compete their installation wizards before you can poll any questions.

Step 1 - Software
Software Setup

A.Insert the Snap installation CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive.
B.The Setup program should auto-run. If it does not, use the 'Start' menu button and 'Run' option to browse to the CD-ROM drive and double-click the 'Setup.exe' file to launch the installation.
C.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. The ARS SNAP icon will appear on the desktop. Complete the hardware setup below and then start SNAP.

Step 2 - Hardware
Hardware Setup

A.Unpack all components. Position the Wireless System base station within cabling distance of your computer (940 and 970 desktop models only).
B.Plug the base station into an available USB port on you computer. The USB port supplies power to the base, and you should see an LED power indicator light up on the top of the base.
C.Select 'Install the software automatically' and click NEXT...

Windows will automatically run the "Found New Hardware Wizard", Check 'NO, not at this time' and click NEXT. On the next prompt, select 'Install the software automatically' and click NEXT. The software will search for the driver files. Be sure your SNAP CD is still in the drive for proper installation.
D.Once you have completed this step you should see the FINISH screen telling you the wizard has completed the install, Click Finish to continue.

NOTE: If you are using the Worldwide or Mini system, the install wizard will run twice: first to install the proper drivers needed to run the keypads and second to assign your 940 or 941 base station to a serial com port. If you click cancel at any time during either of these installs, your keypad system will not run properly.

SNAP! Hardware

Step 3 - Hasp
Attach Hasp Key

A.If you purchase a full license to SNAP, you will need to attach the HASP Software Security Key to an open USB port on your computer. The HASP must be attached in order to enable the full polling capabilities of the SNAP software. Without the HASP, SNAP will run in demonstration mode limiting you to keypads 1-5, or with a SNAP Bundle encryption key code limiting you to keypads 1-100.

Step 3 - Open SNAP!
Open SNAP!

A.Once you have successfully installed the SNAP software and hardware, open the program and select the 'Test Keypads' button. You will see a diagnostic menu with small boxes. These are your available keypads. As you punch numbers on your keypads, the data should appear within this area. If you are not seeing data, you may have forgotten to run one of the hardware installations.
B.The first time you run SNAP, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its functions. You can tab through the Start, Options and Results tab to get an overview of SNAP features such as graphs, clocks and image export that can be selected.
C.You are now ready to select YOUR PowerPoint presentation and begin modifying clocks and graph options. Click the Browse button on the Start Menu to select your PowerPoint and select open.
D.Under 'Recent Presentations' you should see a Red drop-down arrow, with 'Introduction to SNAP' selected. Click 'Start Slide Show' to get an overall summary of SNAP's functions.

NOTE: Before you click 'Start Slide Show' with your presentation, you will want to select the OPTIONS tab and PREVIEW your graph results. If you want to use the PowerPoint's Master image you will check this box under 'Other Options'. You can then select a graph and timer color scheme by using the drop down menus. You can adjust these any number of times. Clicking the PREVIEW button will run a mock poll, showing Timer location as well as graph specifics.

E.When you are satisfied with the appearance of the graph/timer, return to the 'Start' tab and then click the 'Start Slide Show' button.
F.Proceed through your PowerPoint presentation as you normally would. A Poller Icon will appear in the lower right hand corner of any slide that includes an enumerated list. If this is not a polling slide, simply advance to the next slide. If the selected slide is a polling question, left click anywhere on the poller icon to start polling and display results. After results are displayed and you move to the next slide, you can re-display results or re-poll by left-clicking or right-clicking on the trigger
G.To view online help for SNAP, press the <F1> key whenever the presentation is loaded or access the help menu through the help button on the main menu.

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