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It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

SNAP!™ version 2 with advanced features available now
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Creating Custom Time Clock Templates
To create additional timer templates, go to the SNAP! Timer tab and select an existing template, then click on the 'Edit' button.

The clock setup lets you select how you want the time clock to appear and operate.

Any changes you make must be saved to the original template file using the 'Save' button, or to a new template using the 'Save As' button. Clock templates are saved as files with a ".cst" extension, and are saved to the folder that contains the SNAP.EXE program.

!! WARNING !! - Clock templates, including ones that you create or modify, are saved in files that are external to your PowerPoint file. When moving a presentation that uses SNAP! to another computer, be sure you copy and move any template files that you have created.

Getting Started With SNAP!™
Creating Custom Time Clock Templates

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