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Changing the Timer Music Playlist
The Timer Play List, found on the SNAP! Options tab, is used to control the music files that are played, in rotation, each time the countdown timer appears. However, the play list does not apply when the "Unlimited Timer" is selected.

The play list file "Default" contains only one sound "default.wav". For this reason, the sound is played over and over because it is the only one in the play list rotation. However, you can create new play lists that extend the musical rotation using your own library of MP3 or WAV file formats.

Play lists, such as "Default", are just a plain list of the sound files in the order that you wish to hear them. They may be edited using a text editor program, such as Notepad, and saved with a .PLF extension in the same folder as SNAP.exe (usually c:\program files\audience response systems, inc.\snap). Using Microsoft Notepad, you would simply type, or copy/paste, the name of a song on each new line. There is a limit of 100 songs in each play list.

You may either specify a fully qualified song file name ("c:\my music\song 1.mp3") or just the name of the file and extension ("song 1.mp3"). When using just the name of the song, the MP3 or WAV file must be located in either the same folder with SNAP.exe and the (play list).PLF file are located or they may be located in the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation that has been selected. We recommend the same folder as SNAP so that it doesn't matter where the presentation is located.

For example, to create a new Timer Play List named "Jack Johnson favorites", you would save "Jack Johnson favorites.PLF" into the same folder as SNAP.exe. This file might contain the following songs:

Notice that the first song contains a fully qualified path name that wraps from line one to line two with a new line (Enter key) starting the next new song "Never Know.mp3".

If a song should happen to be deleted, or not exist for some reason, that is not a problem for SNAP. The countdown timer will simply use the next song that does exist in the rotation list. At the end of the play list rotation, the index will move back to the top of the list so that the countdown timer music never misses a beat, so to speak.

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Changing the Timer Music Playlist

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