Do Audience Polling in a SNAP!™ SNAP!™
It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

SNAP!™ version 2 with advanced features available now
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SNAP!™ Requirements
You must have Microsoft™ PowerPoint™ 2003 or later version (32-bit Office) installed on your computer in order to use SNAP! If you want to export collected audience response data directly into a spreadsheet document, you will also need MS-Excel 2003 or later version.

Note: 64-bit operating system is fine, but the Active x control uses 32-bit PowerPoint.

A Fleetwood Reply™ Mini, Worldwide, Mini-Plus or Plus keypad system base station must be connected to your computer in order for audience polls to be conducted and responses collected. SNAP! will run in demonstration mode when a keypad system is not present. Demo mode provides access to all SNAP! features except audience polling, and uses randomly generated data in response graph displays.

Within a PowerPoint slideshow, SNAP! will automatically recognize slides that contain enumerated lists (such as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C) as potential audience polling questions. SNAP! will automatically insert an ActiveX object on each slide that contains an enumerated list, that you can use to conduct an audience poll and view the collected responses. SNAP! will not automatically recognize slides that contain question with choices that are not in one of PowerPoint's enumerated list formats.

You will know that a question's list of choices is in the enumerated list format if the PowerPoint toolbar option (Fig. 1) is highlighted when the choices are selected. SNAP! does not recognize bulleted lists as potential polling questions

Fig. 1 - PowerPoint Toolbar Option

!! BE AWARE !! - The ActiveX objects that SNAP! inserts into your slideshow will be rendered non-functional if your slideshow is subsequently loaded into PowerPoint on a machine on which SNAP! has not been installed. If you replace your original file with a copy to which this has happened, you will need to delete all the broken SNAP controls from the slides, and either add them again yourself or let SNAP add them back in automatically.

SNAP!™ Requirements

Available now only from Audience Response Systems, Inc.