Do Audience Polling in a SNAP!™ SNAP!™
It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

SNAP!™ version 2 with advanced features available now
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Critical Tips Before Getting Started
1. Your PowerPoint Security Settings must be set to allow macros/Active-X controls before you run SNAP!. SNAP! works by putting Active-X objects on you PowerPoint slides. For more information on how to set your PowerPoint Security appropriately, click here.

2. Always use PowerPoint's ENUMERATED LIST format for your question choices to get the most out of SNAP's features and capabilities.

3. SNAP! is intended for use with ready-to-use slideshows. Any revisions to you slideshow other than the setting of SNAP! control properties (such as adding, importing or deleting slides) should be done in PowerPoint without SNAP! running.

4. Once you have incorporated SNAP! into your presentation, it is important for you to only use that presentation on computers that also have SNAP installed.

Send anyone you are going to be sharing your SNAP! presentations with for editing to the downloads area to download and install the free trial version before opening and editing your PowerPoint file with SNAP! controls embedded. Failure to do so will result in you SNAP Active-X objects being deactivated, and will require you to remove and re-insert them into your slideshow.

For more information on moving your SNAP presentations between computers, click here.

Critical Tips Before Getting Started

Available now only from Audience Response Systems, Inc.