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How To Connect And Test Your Keypad System
Before you run SNAP!, plug the base station of your keypad system into any available USB port on your computer. If you are plugging the base in for the first time, you will need to follow the steps of the Window New Hardware Wizard in order for it to be correctly connected for use with SNAP!

When the New Hardware Wizard appears, it is recommended that you check 'NO, not at this time' and then click 'Next'

If you have a SNAP! Installation CD, choose 'Install Software automatically' and click 'Next'. If the CD is not in the drive, insert it when prompted.

If you do not have a SNAP! installation CD, do the following:

1. Run Windows Explorer and browse to the folder:

C:\Program Files\Audience Response Systems, Inc\SNAP (or whatever folder you intalled SNAP! into)

Launch the self-extracting zip file named 'Keypad System USB Drivers.exe' and unzip the driver files into the folder:


Close the extraction program and Windows Explorer when done.

2. On the New Hardware Wizard, choose 'Install software from a specific location' and browse to the folder:

C:\ARS\keypad system USB drivers\Fleetwood Standard FTDI\CDM 2.04.16 WHQL Certified

...then click 'OK'.

3. Click 'Finish'.

If you are using the Reply Wordwide or Mini system, a second New Hardware Wizard will appear for the USB Serial Converter needed for these systems. Complete this second wizard the same way as you did the first one, with the exception that you will not need to unzip the driver files again.

When the New Hardware Wizard is complete, launch SNAP! and click the 'Test Keypads' button on the Start tab. When the diagnostic map appears, press buttons on your keypads and you will see then displayed on the map by keypad address.

How To Connect And Test Your Keypad System

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