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I Can Only Collect Responses From Keypad Addresses 1 Through 5
SNAP's free trial mode limits response collection to keypad addresses 1 through 5.

If you purchased SNAP! with a special 30-pack promotional bundle, your keypad system base station will be labeled with a security key code, which you must enter when prompted when you run SNAP!. SNAP! only requires that this key be entered one time per base station on a given computer. This key enables you to collect responses from keypad addresses 1-100.

If you purchased a full license for SNAP! you will have received a HASP security key, which you must plug into an available USB port on your computer before running SNAP!. The HASP key allows collection of responses up to the full capacity of your keypad system.

If your HASP key is not recognized by SNAP! or your computer...

  1. Your USB port may be broken, try plugging the HASP into another available USB port on your computer. Exit and re-start SNAP! to see if your HASP is found.

  2. Remove the HASP, reboot you computer and re-insert the HASP, and re-run SNAP!.

  3. If your HASP is still not found, uninstall SNAP! (any slideshows, templates or play lists you created will be preserved) and reinstall the program from the free download here

If none of the above works, do the following:

  1. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop and select 'Properties'.

  2. Select the Hardware tab and click on 'Device Manager'.

  3. Click in the list on 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers'.

  4. Right-click on each entry that starts with "Aladdin" and select 'Uninstall'. Be sure to uninstall all three Aladdin entries in the list.

  5. Remove the HASP and reboot your computer. When the computer has fully booted, re-insert the HASP and run SNAP! again.
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I Can Only Collect Responses From Keypad Addresses 1 Through 5

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