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It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

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The SNAP!™ Controls On My Slide Don't Do Anything When I Click Them
When the SNAP!™ Controls don't do anything, it means one of two situations:

1. The SNAP!™ Controls/ActiveX objects that SNAP!™ Inserts have been corrupted or rendered non-functional.
The ActiveX objects that SNAP! inserts into your slideshow will be rendered non-functional if your slideshow is subsequently loaded into PowerPoint on a machine on which SNAP! has not been installed. If you replace your original file with a copy to which this has happened, you will need to delete all the broken SNAP controls from the question slides, There is a button on the Options tab to "Remove all Pollers", you can let SNAP! add them back automatically when you launch the slideshow. If you are doing any advanced features, you will need to re-set the features in the pollers.
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2. The computer is in dual screen mode and you are clicking the icon on the non-active screen.
When the computer is in dual screen mode (sometimes presenter mode), you can either drag your mouse to the right to click on the icon on the active screen (projector or monitor with the presentation), you can use a master keypad to control the presentation (press 1 to advance, 2 to back-up, 3 to start the clock, etc.) or you can reset the PowerPoint to work in single screen /duplicate mode to show the same image/presentation on your laptop as well on the presentation screen (projector or monitor).
Prior to ever entering SNAP, you will want to right-click on the desktop and select "screen resolution". Change the Multiple displays and select "duplicate these displays" and click apply. This gets the same image on the laptop and on the projector.
To run in single-screen mode, un-check the "Use Presenter Mode" on the Slide Show tab in your PowerPoint.
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The SNAP!™ Controls On My Slide Don't Do Anything When I Click Them

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