Do Audience Polling in a SNAP!™ SNAP!™
It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

SNAP!™ version 2 with advanced features available now
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Getting Started using SNAP!™ Advanced Features
All of SNAP's Advanced features must be selected and set-up prior to running the presentation, because they require option settings which the program can not automatically detect or predict.

The Advanced features are found on three tabbed sections: Filters, Roster, and Game.

Each advanced tab contains a check-box selection that lets SNAP know that you intend to use an advanced feature, such as the one shown below on the Filter tab:

Once you have specified that you are going to use an advanced option, you need to go to PowerPoint to create or modify a slide to be used by the advanced option. Specifics on what to do for each advanced feature are provided elsewhere in this help file.

When you move to PowerPoint after selecting an advanced option, you will first receive a warning message like the one shown below that confirms which advanced features you selected.

Press Yes to continue to PowerPoint. This will allow the program to detect and drop a polling trigger on each page with an enumerated list.

When you continue to PowerPoint, the program automatically adds SnapDesign into your PowerPoint as an add-in Ė you donít need to do anything special, although you will need to make sure that your security will allow for add-ins and Active-X controls to operate.

You then get the SNAP Toolbar automatically added to your desktop toolbars list.

Each slide that contains an enumerated list, will then automatically have a polling trigger on the page. You can click the SNAP Properties button on the toolbar to see and edit the SNAP Properties.

When you have modified the SNAP properties on the slides needed by Advanced Features, you can return to SNAP! to continue your option selections, or to start you slideshow.

SNAP!™ Advanced Features
Getting Started using SNAP!™ Advanced Features

Available now only from Audience Response Systems, Inc.