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Displaying Comparative Response Graphs
SNAP lets you to compare results from two polls, such as pre-test / post-test questions, in a side-by-side or top/bottom graph format. To set-up a comparison graph, go to the SNAP Properties for the first "pre-test" question and press the "Copy ID" button beside the Slide ID blank slot. A unique number will be displayed in the 'Slide ID' box.

Next, go to the SNAP Properties of the second question and press the Paste ID button beside the 'Compare to' Slide blank slot. The slide ID for the first question will be displayed in the 'Compare to...' text box.

Finally, type an appropriate slide title into the 'Slide Synopsis/Title' text bar. This is the text that will be used to title the comparative graph.

You can select whether you want the graphs to appear side-by-side or top/bottom in the Comparative Graphs section of the Options tab.

If the questions you want to compare have a correct answer, you can also choose whether or not you want the response graph for the first poll to highlight the correct answer. If you choose not to highlight the correct answer, the graph for that question will just use a different color for each choice.

SNAP!™ Advanced Features
Displaying Comparative Response Graphs

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