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Tracking Individual Responses Using a Roster
You may want to have participants names displayed for the top X scores and/or you may want to track scoring and have individual names available for your printed reports. In order to do so, you set up a file with id numbers and names.

If you are using a single-digit response system (Reply Mini or Worldwide) you will need to a create a file where the keypad number/address is the participant's ID number, and select "Use Participant's NAMES but AUTO-ROSTER (IDs are set to match keypad addresses)".

For multi-digit keypads (Plus or Mini+), you can ask a roster question and have participants input an id number which will be matched up with the participant id file you create. They simply enter the number and press SEND). In this case, you can build the file with unique id #'s and define a question on the SNAP control Properties as "Roster ID Question".

To start a new ID file, click the "Save as" button. A new file window will appear to give your file a name. Click the "Edit" button to import, add, edit or delete names.

The import will import numbers and names from a tab delimited text file. If you are using Excel, make column 1 your id numbers and Column 2 the full name. Use the file - save as - and select "text - tab delimited (*.txt)" in the options.

Otherwise, if you want to type in the records, just click the add button and type each id number and name. You can double-click on a name in the list to edit it. To save changes, click the save as button and save to your file or to a new file name.

SNAP!™ Advanced Features
Tracking Individual Responses Using a Roster

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