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Filtering of Responses From Audience Sub-groups
What is a filter question and how do I define it?

A filter is a subgroup of your audience, also sometimes referred to as a demographic. You define a subgroup by polling a question that will break the audience down into the categories in which you are interested. To be used as the basis for a filter, the "Type of Question" in SNAP properties of a slide must be set to "Filter Question". You can have many different filter questions in a presentation.

For example, their specialty, position or title, how long they have been with the organization, male/female, there are a wide variety of ways to think about subgroups of an audience. You just have to determine what is important to you in reporting and/or what subgroup data that might be displayed, to help promote discussion within the group.

How do I use a filter in a presentation?

After you have polled a question, if you would like to see how a specific subgroup answered that question, you can access it via the SNAP Advanced icon in the bottom left corner

Left click it to get the window that allows you to select a specific filter through the pull down menu.

If you are using the master keypad, you can use the #4 key to rotate through the subgroup displays - for example, if your subgroup question was are you: 1. Male or 2. Female, the first time you press the 4 key, it will give you how the males answered the question, the next time how the females answered the question and the next time it will be back to how the overall audience answered the question. If not using a master keypad, you can always select your filter of interest from the command bar shown above.

How do I use a Filter in reporting after a presentation?

It can be very useful to report the data by filter subgroup along with the "Questions and Summary to Excel" combined data report - just select/highlight the subgroups you want added to the report by left-clicking on each, and when the report is generated, an additional column is added to the right with the appropriate data.

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Filtering of Responses From Audience Sub-groups

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