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Gaming with Teams and Individuals
SNAP! can track and display scores for individual participants and up to 10 teams. At any point during your presentation you can display a graph of:

  • Correct By Team - the percentage of each team that answered the last question correctly
  • Team Standings - total point value or overall percentage of correct answers for each team in total. This is typically shown as points - points are calculated by taking the percentage of each team that answered the question correctly multiplied by the point value.
  • Top scoring individuals - Top X up to 10 as selected on the advanced options page. This display is by keypad #, or by name if a roster has been conducted.

To Play a Quiz Game with Individuals

For individual game play, all you need is to define correct answers and point values for each quiz question. For more information, see Scoring with correct answers and point values.

At any point in the game, you can display the top scoring participants. Click here for more information on how to display top scores during a presentation.

Individual scores are displayed by keypad # unless you do a roster to assign names to the keypads. Click here for information on rostering.

To Play a Game with Teams

You must select the team play option on Game tab of the SNAP! window:

For team play, participants' team membership must be defined using a Team Question. This question must be asked before any question questions are presented. SNAP! lets you have up to 10 teams in a game.

REMEMBER! There must be only ONE team question per slideshow.

The Team poll must pre-set from within PowerPoint before you start your slideshow. Use the 'Show Slideshow' button on the SNAP Start tab to switch to the PowerPoint design mode, and navigate to the slide on which you want to present the team poll, then Click on 'SNAP Properties' on the toolbox or menu bar to display the SNAP Control Properties for that slide.

REMEMBER! You must access your slideshow through SNAP! in order for the toolbar and menu options to be present!

Here is a sample Team Question:

What team are you on?

  1. Eagles
  2. Tigers
  3. Wolves
  4. Bears
  5. Bobcats

After you define your team question, you must define a correct answers and point values for each question you want scored.

At any point in the game, you can display a graph of the percentage of correct answers by team to the last question, and the cumulative team score standings. Click here or more information on how to display team scores during a presentation.

Team scores are calculated based only on the answers from participants who responded to the team question. Failure to respond by a team member is counted as an incorrect answer.

Reporting Scores after the Game

Individual and team scores can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. For more information click here.

SNAP!™ Advanced Features
Gaming with Teams and Individuals

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