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How Do I Display Scores During a Game?
Game score displays can be selected using either the SNAP Advanced control button (Fig. 24) found in the bottom left corner of the slide during the presentation, or the master control keypad.

The SNAP Advanced control button appears on every slide in the presentation, giving you on-demand access to the display of team and individual scores at any point in your presentation.

Fig. 24 - Advanced Control Button

When you click on the control button, a menu bar opens to let you select which graph you want to see. The scoring graph options are in the middle list box on the bar (the left-hand box contains filter graph options, and the right-hand box is used to specify the number of choices for an impromptu poll).

If you select the Master Keypad control option on the SNAP! Options tab, you can cue the display of score graphs using the following buttons on the Master keypad:

6 - % Correct by Team

7 - Team Point Standings

9 - Top Scores for Individuals

For more information on the Master Keypad option click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How Do I Display Scores During a Game?

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