Do Audience Polling in a SNAP!™ SNAP!™
It's a SNAP! to add automatic polling of multiple choice questions into your Microsoft® Powerpoint™ presentation!

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What If I Want To Re-Poll the Question?
To re-poll a question, right-click on the SNAP control bar graph icon (Fig. 4). This will change the control back to the keypad icon (Fig. 3). You can then left-click on the control to start the clock again. SNAP will replace the response data you previously collected with the new responses you collect. If you change your mind and do not re-poll the question, you can right-click on the SNAP control (Fig. 3) again to restore the control to the bar graph icon containing the responses you originally collected.

Fig. 4 - Graph Icon (right click after poll to initiate re-poll)

Fig. 3 - Poll Trigger (right click again prior to re-poll to revert to previous data)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What If I Want To Re-Poll the Question?

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