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Now That I Have Polled Data From My Audience, What's Next?
When the presentation is complete, exit the slide show as you normally would from PowerPoint. SNAP will detect that the slide show has ended and bring itself back to the top. Using the Results tab, you can export data and image captures for further review and analysis.

By selecting the "Individual data to Excel" export option and pressing "Export Now",

you can create a simple spreadsheet that contains the numeric response data, from each keypad, for each question slide polled. As shown below, the person using the keypad addressed 5 (ID 5) responded "2" to the question on presentation slide 4.

By selecting the "Questions and summary to Excel" option, you can create a spreadsheet that summarizes the individual response data along with the question and response text gathered from the slide. As shown here, two people responded to the question "How many years have you been with the company?"

The "Captured images..." export options require the use of the Options tab setting "Capture JPEG images of each question and graph" to be enabled before the slides are presented and polled.

When these images do exist, in a folder with the same name and location as the presentation, they may be used to create a new PowerPoint presentation (images only) or an HTML web page.

You may also want to review the data graphically by re-starting the slide show from SNAP.

In which case you will see the message:


If you select "Yes", a backup copy of your entire presentation, including existing data, will be created automatically before the data is cleared and the question slides are ready for polling again.

If you select "No", the data is not cleared and no backup copy will be created. Question slides that have been polled will now show stylized graph icons indicating that they now contain data. By left-clicking on the icon, you can review the data graph previously polled.

Warning: if you right-click the icon, you will delete the data from the previous poll and ready the icon for new polling data. It does overwrite the data, so please make sure you have saved the presentation under a different name if you want to retain the original data.

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Now That I Have Polled Data From My Audience, What's Next?

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