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How Do I Use the Master Keypad Control?
SNAP! lets you choose a keypad to use to control movement between slides in presentation, and to trigger keypad polling and response graph displays. Using a Master Keypad, you can conduct your presentation without showing your audience or any SNAP! menus or controls on the presentation screen.

Make sure the "Use master keypad to control presentation" is selected and provide the keypad address number you plan to use. This keypad becomes available for presentation control only.

Note that you should practice with the master keypad and get used to the pace of the unit. Depending on where the base station is on its collection cycle, your keypress may be immediate, or it may take up to 2 seconds to react to the keypress. It is handy to use the keypad though, so make sure you practice with it to get used to the pace.

Note that if you are using the Reply Mini System (5 button keypad) and will be using SNAP Advanced with game applications, you may want to purchase one Reply Worldwide (10 button) keypad to use as the master keypad for presentation control - it talks to the same base station and can be used together with Mini.

Keys on the master keypad control the following functions:

1 = Slide advance forward

2 = Slide advance backward

3 = Select polling trigger - poll question or display graph - depending on condition of the trigger

4 = Filter graph rotation - if you have defined a filter graph this key rotates through the subgroups and back to the audience as a whole. Note that SNAP! will automatically choose only the first filter group defined in your presentation when you press '4'. To see filtered results from other groups of filters, you must select them using the on-screen advanced feature control.

5 = Impromptu Question

6 = Correct By Team graph

7 = Team Standings Graph

8 = Top Scores Display

0 = Displays/Hides Advanced icon

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How Do I Use the Master Keypad Control?

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