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How Do I Use a Filter Question in a Session?
After you have polled a question, if you would like to see how a specific subgroup answered that question, you can access it via the SNAP Advanced icon in the bottom left corner

Left click it to get the window that allows you to select a specific filter through the pull down menu.

If you are using the master keypad, you can use the #4 key to rotate through the subgroup displays - for example, if your subgroup question was are you: 1. Male or 2. Female, the first time you press the 4 key, it will give you how the males answered the question, the next time how the females answered the question and the next time it will be back to how the overall audience answered the question. If not using a master keypad, you can always select your filter of interest from the command bar shown above

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How Do I Use a Filter Question in a Session?

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